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Cyber Security Audits

Where a thorough investigation into an organization's cyber security is conducted independently.


Internal audits of IT governance should focus on the implementation of governance practices.


An (IS) audit is a thorough evaluation of computer system security as well as the management controls for IT infrastructure.

Project audits

A project audit is a formal review of a project, often intended to assess the extent to which project management standards are being upheld.

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CAATTs Data Analytics

"computer-assisted audit techniques" (CAATs) refer to a style of auditing that uses software tools to query corporate data and generate reports that would improve an audit.

Audit Management Systems

This is a piece of software that drastically reduces the time and work required for a company to pass an external audit or perform an internal audit.

Training and support

While support assists end users in preventing problems before they arise, training assists users in adapting to changes in their responsibilities, the inclusion of new team members, or the presence of new vendors.

IT Security Policy

The guidelines for everyone accessing and using the IT resources and assets of a company are laid forth in an IT security policy.

IT Policy Development

The process of developing policies is iterative and intended to achieve ongoing improvements in workplace safety as well as to make it evident how seriously the policymaker takes workplace safety.

IT Project management

The process of organizing, allocating, and planning an organization's specific information technology (IT) goals is known as IT project management.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is a profession that focuses on finding answers to business issues and business needs.

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